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The Napoleonic Association of the Netherlands and the Foundation Fortress Bourtange
cordially invite you to participate in the event "Battle for Bourtange 2020".
This event will take place in the Fortress Town of  Bourtange, Municipality of Westerwolde, the Netherlands.

Provisional declaration of participants:

By means of this pre-registration, we request you to respond before May 1, 2020, so the organization can estimate the turnout.
Please be realistic in that. Registering for 20 people and showing up up with 5 really works for no one.
This pre-registration does not, however, entitle you to participate. The number of places is limited.

This event fits within a series of events. The NAN will be in existence for 25 years in 2020.
The theme of the NAN lustrum-year is the preparation of French and Dutch units for the anniversary event 2020 for the Battle of Waterloo.

To once again appear internationally as a Dutch Army, the NAN has prepared a number of events to exercise and practice in a large (brigade) context. The Battle of Bourtange is the final showpiece in this series of events.

The theme of this event will be the siege & eventual conquest of the Bourtange fortress by the Allies over the French.
Of course there will be skirmishes for the public and a battle.
A program will also be developed for civilians. Traders from this period are welcome to sign up.
Wood, straw, water and gunpowder will be made available by the organization.

Ready ? Battle of Bourtange6 & 7 june 2020


Slag om Bourtange 2020



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