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Ready For ? Winterbivak Loevestein29 February & 1st March  Join us !!!

The Napoleonic Association of the Netherlands and the Stichting Museum Slot Loevestein
Kindly invites you to LOEVESTEIN 2020's (international) winter bivouac. This will take place from Friday 28 February 2020 to 1st of March 2020
So get your gear and uniforms ready for the first big event of the year!
The Winter Bivouac will house a total of  150 and 200 soldiers and civilians.
Participants :
Through this registration, we ask you to respond by January 15, 2020, so that the organization receives a reliable estimate of attendance. Be realistic!  Signing up for twenty and finally be present with five arranges nobody!
The Winter Bivouac is the first in a series of soldier schools:
The NAN has chosen as its theme for this year, the preparation of the French and Dutch units for the celebration of the25th  anniversary of the Federation, as well as Waterloo 2020.
To prepare the Dutch International Army for all this, the NAN has scheduled a few events to carry out the various maneuvers, as part of the formation of a Dutch united battalion.
The winter bivouac in Loevestein opens this series of events.
The theme of the Winter Bivouac was the conquest of Loevestein in December 1813 and the siege of Gorinchem in the winter of 1813/1814 by the Allies.
Of course, there will be a skirmish for the public. For civilians, it will be possible to organize activities and exhibitions in the castle.
Wood, straw, water and powder will be made available by the organization.
The bivouac will be mounted  in the ramparts of Loevestein.
The French bivouac in front of the powder tower and the ammunition depot.
The terrain of the square at the second restoration site will be reserved for artillery and all traders.
The Allied camp will be located in the southeastern stronghold of Loevestein.  The Dutch in the donkey field south of the powder tower.
All facilities are close to each camp, but with a slight  separation.
For the elderly, children and those who are rapidly suffering from the cold, there will be sleeping places available in some buildings in the fortress.

Straw, water, wood and powder will be supplied,
There will be luxury toilets available and the restaurant will also be  open.


Slot Loevestein
Loevestein 1,
5307 TG Poederoijen, Nederland

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