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Château d'Heeswijk Libéré V
After the success of Heeswijk III Castle, we will start a future edition in 2023. It will take place on the weekend of August 2023. We hope to meet many familiar faces, but also new faces.
The program will also consist of well-known pieces, but also of new pieces, so that they will find their taste!
The event takes place over a total of three days, of which Friday is the day of arrival. On Saturday, a parade will be orchestrated by a dignitary. He will also inspect the troops in the garden of the castle courtyard. After that, the troops are preparing for the first battle, which will take place before, but also in the castle. After the battle, all officers are invited to join the dignitaries for a drink.
On Saturday evening we have a gala party for soldiers and civilians, in the weapons room. The right and historical clothing is necessary!
There is also a parade and a battle on Sunday.
Throughout the weekend, the castle will be occupied by the "Good Bourgeoisie".
Address du Chateau Heeswijk-Dinther:
Kasteel 4, 5473 VA Heeswijk (Bernheze)
See you Soon!!
The organization of Chateau d'Heeswijk Libere V


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Heeswijk Liberé (23-25/08/2024)



Heeswijk 2023
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